Let it itch

How to build character at the dentist

When something is important and requires action, sometimes you need to do something about it. Sometimes, you don’t. Let it itch. 

Sitting in the dentist chair is often an ominous feeling for many folks. Fortunately for me, I’ve been blessed with flawless teeth. They’ve held up remarkably well. Not one cavity, good coloring, and the gums are healthy. But, there I was in the dentist chair. And I was facing a situation I’ve not been in for some time.

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What Digital Marketing Can—and Can’t—Do

The digital marketing industry has a dirty little secret.

From the big marketing firms to fly-by-night freelancers, every digital marketing pro promises to raise a website’s profile in search results, position the client as a virtual leader in its industry, and like magic, sales will follow. But clients looking for a measurable return on investment are often frustrated by a lack of magic. Why?

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Tell Your Story To Those Wanting to hear It

The Narrative of Your Organization

Are you controlling the narrative of your organization? Who’s Listening?

You haven’t heard from me in a while. I can certainly say it’s because, for many of you, I’ve been working on your content. But, really, it’s because my commitment to our own message has not been my focus. That’s going to change because controlling the Red Mallard narrative starts with me.

And it starts with you too.

Big or small, every organization has goals divvied up by four big departments (or people with many hats…or one person with all the hats):

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Improve Your Email Marketing Results with These Tips

You’ve done it. After countless sips of coffee and sentence rearrangements, you’ve managed to craft a perfectly thought-out email. After sending it off to Cyberland, you wait, and wait…and wait. Days go by and you’ve received no engagement.

We all know that feeling.

Email marketing has a lot of room for creating growth, yet so many people struggle with leveraging its full potential. In this post, we’ve decided to share five ways to improve your email marketing campaigns.

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Business person in doubt and confused

How to Stay Top-of-Mind with Your Customers

Every business must stay top-of-mind with their customers, but most companies either do not know where to start or lack the time and talent to market well. So, what’s the secret sauce? By now, it’s no secret: original content and digital marketing. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should look at marketing your business online, check out your biggest competitors and see what they’re doing that you’re not. Here are a few things you can look for:

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firefighting planes dropping fire retardant

Canyon Fire 2: Safety Information for Our Neighbors

Yesterday, the National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning for Inland Orange County residents to evacuate the destructive wildfire, Canyon Fire 2. The evacuation warning is still active today.

The Orange County Register has provided a frequently updated map with information about closures, shelters and evacuation zones. Updates to Canyon Fire 2 are also being added to the Anaheim Fire & Safety website. If you have questions, the Canyon Fire 2 hotlines are listed below:

  • Anaheim Residents (714) 765-4333
  • OC Hotline (714) 628-7085
  • Irvine (949) 724-7000
  • City of Orange (714) 744-7550

Our Red Mallard office in Brea is just shy from the evacuation zones, but we are thankful for the safety of our team. As Canyon Fire 2 continues to blaze, we wish for the same safety and well-being of our neighbors, clients, first responders and anyone else affected.