Brett Kelly

Strategic Communications Consultant

Brett Kelly, Strategic Communications Consultant, ensures the systems that power Red Mallard run smoothly. He handles the custom website builds and hosting infrastructure, marketing automation systems, and all things technology. He also writes things here and there and is no slouch at naming things. He’s been working with Red Mallard since before Red Mallard became Red Mallard.

Over what could only be described as a meandering career, Brett has occupied a wide variety of roles including coffee shop manager, telemarketer, oil change attendant, and electric guitar assembler. Then he got serious and learned how computers worked. After cutting his teeth in myriad server rooms, wiring closets, and phone support departments, he spent a decade as a web and application developer. He wrote a book a few years ago, the success of which sent him sprawling face-first into the world of digital marketing.

Few things get Brett fired up more than a perfect turn of phrase or a beautiful website that loads in under 1.5 seconds. He reads a ton, roots for his beloved Anaheim Ducks, and loves to watch large pieces of meat sit in smoke for several hours. Against all odds, he’s married to a saintly woman who is somehow cool with all of this. His kids merely tolerate it.

After stopping by Junior College for a solid 90 minutes, Brett pursued a less conventional education in the form of books, trial and error, and indefatigable enthusiasm. As such, he holds no degrees or professional designations. The pinnacle of his professional life occurred before his 20th birthday when he was named “Best Assistant Manager” of Pasta Bravo, the now-defunct restaurant chain that definitely did not predict the current vilification of gluten.


"Wear the old coat and buy the new book."

— Austin Phelps

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