Tiffany Reyes

Marketing Coordinator

Tiffany Reyes, Marketing Coordinator, takes the plans created here at Red Mallard and brings them to life. Her role includes building out content calendars, updating client websites, managing social media and blog posts (and everything in between). She joined the duck clan in October 2018.

Full of twists and turns is how Tiffany would describe her academic career. She was a music major studying vocal performance at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music until she took an elective communication class in conflict resolution that changed everything. Just a year and a half out from graduating, she changed her major and now holds a B.A. in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication.

Tiffany has dabbled in administrative work, customer service, and social media management throughout her career. Over the past 5 years, it was her side hustle in social media management that ultimately led her to the digital marketing space. With the knowledge she’s picking up along the way, Tiffany wants to help clients find that niche quality that sets them apart and celebrate that through their content.

Growth is what inspires Tiffany – growth in her own career, and the growth of the clients she’s had the opportunity to work with. Although vocal performance isn’t really her thing anymore, Tiffany still enjoys spending much of her time singing and playing guitar both at church and as a creative outlet. She also enjoys therapy…Target therapy, that is. She enjoys long walks down the Target makeup aisles to feed her love of the beauty and cosmetics industry.

"The more you love to grow, the less the fear of failure will have a grip on you."

— John C. Maxwell

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