8 Redundant Phrases To Stop Using


We love words at Red Mallard. In fact, we’re a bit obsessed. From catchy headlines to recounting success stories, we’re in the business of content marketing to provide readers with relevant, informative and engaging content.

But they aren’t looking for fluff. No one has time for that. So we keep things short. Honor your time, get the point across, and make our stories easy to read. Are you doing the same for your customers?

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3 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


The Internet has become our personal question-and-answer machine. Health symptoms. Blind date reconnaissance. Restaurant research. You type it; Google finds it. And while it certainly is a treasure trove of useful answers, we all know it fails to produce 100% accuracy. (Never, ever search your health symptoms.)

Don’t believe everything you read, especially when it comes to planning and executing a content marketing strategy. As a valuable component for brand building and lead generation, avoid making the mistakes that will leave your content marketing useless. Definitely don’t:

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