What's the Story?

John Welches started Red Mallard more than ten years ago. Ever the avid networker, John saw an urgent need in Southern California’s business community for honest, story-driven content partners. For many years John worked alone, helping clients bring their stories to life with creative content.

Over time the business grew, and John’s vision grew with it.

Today we’re a small team of professionals dedicated to carrying forward John’s storytelling approach to business marketing. By keeping our standards high and developing true relationships, we aim to transform our clients’ business expertise into compelling narratives for today’s marketing environment.

What Makes Us Different?


Since 2008, we’ve been the industrial, construction, and professional services industry’s trusted content marketing partner. Our team brings together professionals experienced in all phases of content creation and delivery to provide your business with the most strategic, ROI-increasing outcome—and we do it through the lens of honesty, integrity, and a dedication to quality in niche spaces.


What makes us unique? Better, what makes us the right fit for certain clients? Our distinctives guide our work and the industries we advocate for:

  1. Our service is rooted in growing empathetic partnerships.
  2. Marketing talent plus business expertise.
  3. High-quality content founded on strategic insights.

Meet the Team

We’re pretty proud of our tight-knit crew. We bring together a mix of serious skills and quirky personalities to bring our clients’ stories to the world. These are the people who make it happen.

Services For You

Complete, nimble branding solutions.

Welcome to the flock.

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