How to Pick the Right Call to Action

Dollarphotoclub_74513829aIf you need this, do this! That’s the essence of a call to action. Well… duh. That seems pretty obvious. But every blog, every social media post, every email blast, they all need calls to action. How else will people know what your services are, right? Or who they’re going to call? It’s not Ghostbusters, it’s your business. Calls to action are critical for the marketing side of your business, but writing an effective one is tough.

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4 Tips: Send Successful Emails as a Small Business


You get hundreds a day, and probably 70-80% are spam. Once upon a time, it seemed email was useful, but now it seems more like it’s just sorting through the junk. As a small business, though, you need to be sending out regular emails for marketing, right? So how do you make sure your emails don’t get lost in the crowd of your recipients? Below are a few tips on how to successfully use emails to reach customers and keep them reading.

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Keep it Fresh… Fresh Content, That is.


So you’ve been posting. And posting and posting and posting, but no matter how frequently you post to social media, you aren’t getting any more traffic. At this point, you feel like traveling all the way up to Silicon Valley and chucking your computer at Facebook’s headquarters, just to make a statement.

Fact is, though you might not want to hear it, you aren’t getting more traffic for one reason and one reason alone: your content is not interesting. So instead of spending all that money to fly to Northern California, try these few simple tips when planning your social media content.

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In the Know with SEO

SEO Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization: It seems like the word is everywhere, especially when it comes to content marketing. But do you even know what it means, let alone how to use it to your advantage? Basic marketing SEO generally comes with the knowledge that a good SEO plan will give you increased traffic, conversions, and revenue, but there’s more. The SEO plan needs to revolve completely around a content marketing strategy.

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LinkedIn Ad Revenue Increase Due to Content Marketing


We use LinkedIn to network. That’s a given. But what about for advertising? LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the best places for content marketing for businesses. From just January to March of this year, LinkedIn saw a 38 percent increase in ad sales from the same period in 2014. And while this increase does not mean an overall increase for the year, it still shows signs of the strength of this platform for content marketing purposes.

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4 Ways to Increase Influence in Social Media

Social Network Web SignsIncrease Influence in Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus… you have heard of all of them before, but are you using them for your brand? It’s free, it’s easy to access, everyone has them, so there is no excuse to not be using them. Social media is a great way to put your name, your brand, and your voice out there for all audiences to see.

Not sure how to get it done? We threw together a few tips for you to give your social media pages a quick revamp.

  • Piercing Posts. Take your brand’s point of view and combine it with curated posts of opinions that are respected in the industry. Use powerful, creative wording to capture the audience’s attention. Maintain a regular posting schedule without bombarding the audience.
  • Importance of Engagement. Make the posts reachable to your audience. Keep the vocabulary at a second grade reading level (unless the audience is more advanced) to keep engagement high. Encourage audience engagement rather than just posting information. Create opportunities for response and dialogue.
  • Find the Voice. The voice of your brand is important. What’s more important is that it remains consistent. Determine your company’s voice and own it. Work that tone into each post.
  • Adapt to the Platform. Each social media platform has different specifications. Do they allow hashtags? Is it a more formal social media post? How many characters do you have to work with? Adjust the content to reflect each specific social media platform.

Social media can be daunting. Luckily, Red Mallard knows how each social media platform functions and how to keep each post engaging. Take social media off your plate and serve it to us. We would be happy to take over and get you a great following. If you are ready for us to work your social media, contact us today!

Battle of the Brands

Classic Vintage Boxing RingBattle of the Brands

Picture your product. What do you see? Is it aesthetically pleasing? It better be! Your product, whatever it may be, is defined by its overall look. From the logo to the packaging to the actual product, good eye candy is imperative for the sale, especially because most people make purchases based on their emotions.

That is where the top companies—Apple, Coca Cola, Nike—have their advantage. Their products are easy on the eyes, which draws people in and gives them the competitive edge over the others.

A strong design and package will bring many benefits to the company besides just increased profitability. These include:

  • Prime Personality: The stronger the aesthetics, the more powerful the personality will come across. If the product is in a store, a strong design will draw more eyes and therefore more revenue. The design of the product has the ability to tell the story of the brand.
  • Ingenious Identity: A great design will help people remember the product. It becomes the identity of your brand. When a customer or client thinks of the generic product or service, they almost immediately picture one service. For example, when people think soda, they generally think Coke or Pepsi, and can picture the logo in their heads.
  • Dominant Design: A recent study showed that even though some products did not necessarily perform higher, people perceive attractive products as better to use. This means a nice design might even be more important than the quality of the product, so ensure it is top quality.

Ultimately, the picture of your product is what will set you apart from your competition, so it better be fierce. If you have any questions about how to ramp up your brand, give Red Mallard a call today.

Demand the Brand

Demand the Brand

Know it. Back and forth, front and back, left, right, and sideways. A company is defined by their brand, and there is no excuse to stutter around what your company provides and how they provide it. The brand of a company is a representation of their personality, their value, and everything they stand for. It’s imperative to know, not just for marketing purposes, but for defining the company as a whole.

There are a few components of a brand that every company should incorporate into their business.

  • Perfect Promise: A company needs to be able to make a promise to their client. Find where the company is most credible and provides the most value and form a one-sentence promise. Ensure the promise is easy to understand and clear, and that it helps organize the company’s priorities.
  • Prime Position: The position of the company relative to the competition needs to be established clearly. How does this company differ from the rest? What does it provide that the competition does not? Knowing those answers provides a marketing edge.
  • Terrific Tagline: Take the essence of the company and reduce it to just a few words. Make it strong and powerful. The tagline is the most important part of the company, as it can appear on business cards, websites, and most marketing materials.
  • Premium Proposition: Exactly what value does the company or service propose better than the rest? This can be broken down into four categories: best quality, best value, most luxury, and highest need. If the company does not fall into one of those four categories, the proposition of the company needs to be reevaluated.

If even one of these bullet points cannot be answered immediately about your company, contact Red Mallard today. As marketing and branding professionals, we can help organize and strengthen the brand of your company.

"MARKETING" Sketch Notes on Blackboard (advertising management)

5 Important Marketing Components

As we’ve mentioned before, your brand is one of the most important parts of your business. Every company, no matter how big or small, needs a brand so your customers know who you are. There are a few key points that should be a part of every business’ brand.

  • SMART Objectives: SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific. Make sure all your goals for your brand fall into those five categories. If you find your goals not fitting all five components, adjust them until they do.
  • Know Your SWOT: Last pneumonic device—promise—but SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Make sure you know all 4 pieces when you’re planning your branding strategy. Make a list so you know where to focus your strategy.
  • Target Audience: This is important. Is your main audience young, old, male, female? Parents, teenagers? Make sure your posts are aimed at the proper audience or you won’t get much response.
  • Vision: As a whole, what do you want to accomplish? Write it down into a statement and post it around the office if you need. Make sure when you’re doing the rest of your planning that you keep that vision in mind. Your vision will help you determine how to act and react within your strategy.
  • Personality: Your brand personality can be broken down into three main parts: value, benefits, and attributes. Knowing what values are most important to your business can help keep your business and employees cohesive. Also knowing how your product benefits others is something that always needs to be kept in mind so you know how to market it. As for attributes, keep a quick list of 5-10 key things that make up your brand personality, and source them to your founders.

With these 5 things in mind, start up your branding vision. If you need any help, give Red Mallard a call. We’d be happy to get you started with creating the image your business wants.

4 Tips for Your Social Media

Print4 Tips for Your Social Media

Your social media is absolutely one of the most important marketing materials you will use. It’s not only easy to access, but free for your audience to access. But you probably already knew how important it was. You’re probably already updating consistently, but are you making sure you’re managing it properly?

There are a few things that you can do to keep your social media in check.

  • Respond to everyone. No matter how little the comment, thank them for their response! And don’t use an automated system. Respond personally, even if that means dedicating more than one person to just be responding to your posts.
  • Utilize your followers. Thank them for being your customer by sending them exclusive coupons or deals through social media. Instagram is a great way to do this—special features through their Direct Messaging feature allows you to send up to 5 pictures to up to 15 followers at a time.
  • Ask questions. In your posts, ask relevant questions so your audience can respond. The more you know your audience, the more you can specifically target your material and get a better response.
  • Tag other local businesses. If you share or repost or retweet something from someone in the area, not only are you establishing a connection with more people, but it’s possible the business thanks you by name. Anything that can help you grow your audience can help.

If you are struggling with your social media presence, contact Red Mallard to help. We have social media experts on staff that are constantly receiving more training so we can stay up to date on the latest and greatest ways to improve your social media websites. We would be happy to sit down with you and go over what you and your product or business may need to further succeed.