Red Mallard’s 2015 Year in Review

RM-SlideYearEnd-NewSize-NoButtonWhat a great year at Red Mallard! We moved into our new office in Brea, added three more team members and produced more content than ever before. Each year we continue to solidify our process to bring quality marketing services to clients across the country. Thank you to those who partnered with us in 2015. It’s a joy to see your brands come to life as we work together to migrate your message.

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You’ve Got Mail: 4 Reasons Email Marketing is Still Important

email marketingOnce upon a time, the words “You’ve Got Mail” gave everyone a little thrill of excitement. Fast forward 20 years and a million spam emails later, the sound isn’t so exciting. It seems as if one in ten emails we receive today are spam or ads… Why would you want to contribute to that, right?

Wrong. There’s a good kind of email marketing and a bad kind. The bad kind is sending emails to addresses you paid for. The good kind is marketing yourself to those who want to hear about your service: the contacts that opt into your lists. With that in mind, here are a few reasons email marketing is still important today:

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Writing the Right Blog: The Dos and Don’ts

Typewriter header template image

You’ve finally made the commitment. Decided to delve in, sit down, and write what you know: it’s time to blog. But do you know what you’re doing? Though you might think you do, there’s a lot more that goes into a blog than typing some words on paper. There’s a method. Whether you’re trying to direct traffic to your website with keywords or generate revenue through ads, blogging is an art. It’s the creative side of marketing.

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Meritable Measuring: Tracking your Brand Success

You’ve put in the effort. Spent countless hours slaving over social media, burying yourself in blogs, examining emails… but now what? Aside from strategizing and implementing, there is a third—and arguably the most important—part to your branding. That final part is tracking. Tracking your marketing success is imperative in adjusting your plans so you can see even more success in the future.

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Simple Social: 5 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Plan

social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram… In 2015, the list of new social media sites seems endless. But in the marketing world, knowing all of them—and more importantly, how to utilize them—is a must. But with new articles, blogs and maybe even sales for your product or service coming out daily, how can you plan your social media in advance?

By creating a plan.

This process is quite simple. Here are a few quick steps to create your own:

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SEO and SEM: What You Need to Know

Business button SEO communication icon web icon

SEO, SEM, PPC, CTA, ROI… the language of marketing is complex and full of letters. It’s as if an entirely new dictionary is needed for a basic understanding. Thankfully, at Red Mallard, we know how to explain all the necessary abbreviations to make your experience painless. Two of these abbreviations, SEM and SEO, are among the major terms that must be understood to effectively market your online presence.

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The Proper Paper Priority: Print is Not Dead

stack of open colorful magazines. information

In a world where 4G runs rampant, email inboxes are flooded with spam and social media soars in importance, it seems like print is dying. What happened to the days where we would wake up and grab the newspaper from the front porch to start the day? Newspapers have now been replaced with the dot-com era… but that doesn’t mean all paper is dead. When it comes to marketing tools, in fact, paper is probably the most pertinent part of your plan.

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Comprehend Copyright: The Legal Side of Marketing 

Copyright issues

You’ve got everything set up: your brand new logo, maybe a snappy tagline and you think you’re ready to go, right? Not quite. The not-quite-as-exciting parts of marketing are the legal issues. When it comes to the legality of your brand, protection is key. For the best protection, cover all three bases: copyright, patent registration, and trademarks. Cover them quickly and thoroughly, because if your competition moves faster you could lose everything.

Not sure exactly how to go about it? Let’s start with the basics. What are the definitions of copyright, patent registration and trademark, and what do they each encompass?

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