3 Powerful Ways to Get More Page Views 3 Powerful Ways to Get More Page Views

So you’ve decided to blog—and that is great!—but how will you get people to read what you say, or even better, actually care about it? Do not expect to press publish, sit back, and watch the page views climb higher and higher. Generating a dedicated audience takes time and strategy. When it comes to your content creation, follow these tips and witness stellar social media results.

  1. Pull the audience in. The header is a huge factor. Imagine all the headlines you scroll through on any news site. Surely most are skimmed. The personal, the interesting, the I-have-to-read-this-NOW headers are the ones that spark attention. Determine what emotion you want the reader to feel: urgency, happiness, belonging, respect, power, etc. Use the header to tap into these emotions.
  2. Make them stay. Quality matters! The title got them on the page, but what happens if the content wanes? Well, they probably move on. It’s the internet; there is plenty more to discover. Quality content addresses the needs and concerns of the customer. It is relevant to their life, speaks their language, and it answers their questions and provides useful information.
  3. Keep them coming back for more. A regular posting schedule keeps a brand at the forefront of the customer’s mind. Do not be a one hit wonder (We had enough of those in the 80s and 90s). By producing quality content on a consistent basis credibility is established and the brand is reinforced. This is the place where true sales begin generating.

Blogging is a powerful way to connect with your customer base. By focusing on topics that pique their interest, you will win over their loyalty and hopefully build a solid list of regular readers.

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