3 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads from Content Marketing

If you are a real estate agent who isn’t using content marketing to leverage leads for your business, keep reading!  This message is crucial for your business. So you created a website. Honestly, in today’s age, so what? A website is only as good as the strategy behind it.

Once your online presence is created, ask: How does the site drive traffic? Is there a call to action that generates leads? Are relationships with the customers being nurtured through consistent dialogue? To satisfy all three, your site needs some help from additional content marketing platforms.

So what are the practical steps achieving an effective real estate marketing strategy? Focus on three key areas.

  1. Blogging. A recurring blog schedule establishes credibility and expertise. Write relevant content that answers the problems of your audience. Blogging is also an opportunity to meet customers at varying places on the buyer lifecycle and interact with the community on issues other than the real estate market. Here is where you can establish yourself as the neighborhood expert.
  2. Social Media. Where do homebuyers and sellers turn for news on the current market? The Internet! So, be there. In their face. Advertise new listings on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Answer commonly asked questions in real-time. Demonstrate your superior customer service and around-the-clock availability.
  3. Email Marketing. This method is a less invasive sales pitch, with great results. Send bi-monthly or monthly emails to clients, updating them on new listings, real estate news, advice, and even free giveaways. As a bonus, email marketing software tracks click rates so you can see who interacts with the content and follow up with a phone call.

These three forms of content marketing for realtors will drive engagement, build credibility and trust, and grow a client network that keeps your brand at the forefront of buyers and sellers minds when they do move toward making a real estate decision.

Red Mallard has been helping Realtors in Orange County for years. Call us today to learn how we can build a real estate content marketing plan.

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