5 Tips to Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Everyone does it: the second a resume crosses the desk or a meeting with a potential client hits the calendar, we head over to LinkedIn and do a little reconnaissance. So common has this practice become, that creating a strong LinkedIn personality is crucial for communicating the right message to your colleagues, clients and potential employers.

Don’t fall behind in the professional sphere of social media. Perfect your LinkedIn profile with these six helpful tips.

  1. Professional Photo. Exude professionalism in your photo. Maybe your profession gives you room for some creativity here, but don’t go crazy. Make sure the photo clearly shows your face, is a high resolution, and in a proper context/setting.
  2. Strong Summary. No need to list your life story here. Describe what you do and hit the most compelling points of your experience and achievements in this position. Avoid industry buzzwords and instead speak to specific examples that illustrate your talent.
  3. Expanded Experience. Think beyond what you would include on a resume for this section. Include links and videos that demonstrate your work. Visuals significantly enhance the reader’s experience as they scroll through your profile, so give them something to look at.
  4. Industry Intel. LinkedIn is a great place to establish yourself as a leader in your specific industry. Post news and updates that are relevant for your business. Use the publishing tool to write and promote your own content to go even further in establishing your credibility.
  5. Telling Testimonials. The recommendations section is the perfect place to display the power of your work in action. Just like you probably ask for client testimonials to feature for your business, LinkedIn recommendations are no different. Go out of your way to write recommendations for colleagues and you will probably notice the favor returned.

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