Social media has changed how people connect with one another and it continues to alter the way business is done across the globe. Companies of all sizes are utilizing social media in different ways. Whether it’s to recruit employment candidates or build brand loyalty by staying connected to existing customers and attract new customers, social media is a valuable tool for any business.

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are making it easier for small businesses to target specific audiences based on demographics and geography. So, how can you get more out of your social media campaign? These simple steps will help you get started on the path to success.

  1. Figure Out Your Audience.
    The more targeted your social media efforts are, the more effective your campaign will be. Define your target audience and utilize the systems available on all social media platforms to identify and engage those people.
  1. Be Consistent.
    From the branding you implement on each of your social media pages (colors, logo, imagery, etc.) to the company information/bio sections to the posts themselves, always be consistent with your brand message and social media “voice.”
  1. Let Things Build Naturally.
    It will likely be too overwhelming to dive into full-scale campaigns on every social media platform at once. Start smaller and build up naturally as you get more traction.
  1. Make Time for Social Media Tasks.
    Whether you have a social media manager on staff, you outsource your social media management or you try to do it yourself, make sure time and resources are set aside for daily social media activities. If it is not prioritized and managed like any other daily duties, you’ll never be able to keep with it.
  1. Do Your Research.
    There are so many levels to social media marketing beyond just creating pages and sharing posts. Look into boosted posts, advertising and other strategies that you can implement in order to get the most out of your social media campaign.
  1. Stay Involved.
    In addition to creating the posts, you want to pay attention to any and all activity from your followers. If they write a comment, write back. If one post gets a lot more attention than others, make notes. Over time, you’ll see what gets the best responses and you can hone your campaign accordingly.

These are just some of the basic strategies to follow when launching a social media campaign for your business. For more information or to discuss social media management with Red Mallard, contact us today.

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