Battle of the Brands Battle of the Brands

Picture your product. What do you see? Is it aesthetically pleasing? It better be! Your product, whatever it may be, is defined by its overall look. From the logo to the packaging to the actual product, good eye candy is imperative for the sale, especially because most people make purchases based on their emotions.

That is where the top companies—Apple, Coca Cola, Nike—have their advantage. Their products are easy on the eyes, which draws people in and gives them the competitive edge over the others.

A strong design and package will bring many benefits to the company besides just increased profitability. These include:

  • Prime Personality: The stronger the aesthetics, the more powerful the personality will come across. If the product is in a store, a strong design will draw more eyes and therefore more revenue. The design of the product has the ability to tell the story of the brand.
  • Ingenious Identity: A great design will help people remember the product. It becomes the identity of your brand. When a customer or client thinks of the generic product or service, they almost immediately picture one service. For example, when people think soda, they generally think Coke or Pepsi, and can picture the logo in their heads.
  • Dominant Design: A recent study showed that even though some products did not necessarily perform higher, people perceive attractive products as better to use. This means a nice design might even be more important than the quality of the product, so ensure it is top quality.

Ultimately, the picture of your product is what will set you apart from your competition, so it better be fierce. If you have any questions about how to ramp up your brand, give Red Mallard a call today.

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