DXP (formerly Cortech Engineering) has been a top distributor of pumps and process equipment in California and Nevada since 1987. They are committed to meeting their customers’ needs from start to finish, by providing professional engineering advice, turnkey installation, maintenance, and much more.  

When Red Mallard met them, the team at DXP knew their static website needed an extensive overhaul. The industry’s standards were evolving. To keep up with the times, their website needed dynamism and detail. Customers wanted easy access to product information. The sales team needed the support of a robust content marketing strategy. Red Mallard’s story-driven content marketing framework appealed to DXP.

Over the last eight years, our work has directly contributed to DXPs increase in revenue.

What We Did

  • Refreshed brand materials and internal marketing contest
  • Developed new website designed to provide manufacturer and pump application education
  • Segmented customers by industry, application, and sales territory
  • Launched outbound email marketing 
  • Established 800 tracking number

What Happened

  • Increased Organic Traffic by 1,700% since 2013
  • 40% YOY volume increase since 2018
  • Top 10 SERPs for 90 different industry keywords
  • Contributed to doubled annual revenue

About DXP 

Founded as Cortech Engineering in 1987, the company was acquired by DXP Enterprises in 2016 and rebranded as DXP. From the start, DXP has equipped its industrial customers with everything needed to maintain, protect, and elevate their pumps and process equipment. The company’s dedicated team of engineers and factory-trained personnel provide unrivaled support and high-level industry knowledge. Above all, DXP believes customers deserve the highest-quality products and services under one roof.

Identifying Pain Points

In 2013, the partnership between DXP and Red Mallard started small. DXP needed graphic design and writing support to create a series of internal marketing posters and industrial line cards. The success of that early work inspired the team at DXP to find opportunities to apply strategic thinking to communications throughout the business. 

DXP’s website lacked dynamic, user-friendly elements and had not received regular updates. A regular rhythm of content (for prospects, current customers, and their front-line salespeople) was missing. DXP goes to great lengths to diagnose and solve niche problems, but customers had no means of rapidly seeing the company’s full scope of capabilities. To attract ideal customers and continue to grow, they needed to build a library of reference materials, a centralized print management process, and segmented email marketing lists to connect with the right people. 

Content Marketing Goes Beyond Words

DXP’s website was our first priority. We overhauled their website to make it easier to navigate and more informative. At the same time, we also established an organized print management process so their steadily growing sales team could rely on a predictable system for getting the materials they needed throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

The next step in the engagement focused on expanding the quality and effectiveness of the company’s communications strategy. DXP felt like the best-kept secret in pump engineering solutions. Letting a broader slice of the marketplace in on the secret was essential for the company to achieve its growth goals.

To get there, we tackled these details: 

  • Segmentation — Under Red Mallard’s guidance, DXP’s email marketing lists were segmented to ensure content went to the right customers and prospects. 
  • Targeted content — To address the specific pain points of each segment, Red Mallard revamped DXP’s content to become more targeted. Videos, email sequences, and social media campaigns alongside managing print and promotional products were created to educate their network and expand brand expertise. 
  • Digital/campaign calls — Red Mallard helped set up an 800 number for tracking incoming calls generated through the digital and print  campaigns. The new system allowed the company to validate new leads and dovetailed seamlessly with an improved customer service training program. As a result, DXP’s volume has continued to increase by 40% YOY since 2018
  • SEO — Improving search engine rankings is all about focusing on narrow, achievable targets. By focusing DXP’s SEO goals on ranking for keywords and phrases in the industrial pump space, the company’s rankings spiked: today, DXP ranks in the top 10 SERPs for 90 different industry keywords. 

Stick It Out To See Results

Red Mallard’s content marketing efforts, combined with the hard work of the DXP sales and services teams, have delivered significant results. DXP has seen a minimum 40% increase in sales volume year-over-year for the last four years. Throughout our engagement, their online organic traffic has grown by over 90%, and their annual revenue has doubled. 

Red Mallard’s John Welches has this to say about the relationship between Red Mallard and DXP, “We want to work with people who want to flourish, and help them understand what they need to do to rank, engage, and grow. Getting there isn’t always easy, but the effort is absolutely worth it.”

John says both companies have learned much from each other through their relationship. “Highly technical and goal-oriented people run a company like Cortech/DXP. They understand that growth is not just a goal but also a commitment. To meet their needs, we’ve needed to stay humble, agile, and responsive to their changing circumstances.”  

Your industrial supply business deserves a marketing framework that’ll help you win

Red Mallard is thrilled to be an integral part of DXP’s success story. If your business has hit a ceiling, a better content marketing strategy is the answer. Contact us today to learn more about how Red Mallard’s marketing framework helps industrial businesses get ahead.

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