Pattern Energy is leading the world into a renewable energy future. With generating facilities throughout North America and Japan, the company has undergone rapid growth over the last decade. With the company’s focus on delivering clean energy to customers, Pattern asked Red Mallard to help bring its message to communities, employees, and investors.

Red Mallard has worked with Pattern to develop a range of exciting content, including:

  • Monitoring and management of multiple website and support brand design services.
  • Materials for use in community outreach efforts related to project development.
  • Development of The Current, an online newsletter shared throughout the company. In addition to advising on the platform, we helped Pattern develop consistent content over 18 months to the point where employees began engaging and contributing their stories on a daily basis.
  •  Custom collateral for trade shows, investor presentations, and external affairs.
  • Special Projects: Investor relations support; Environmental studies research and translating data for laypeople

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