In 2019, Connect Staffing—an Orange County-based light industrial staffing agency spanning six offices in two states—tapped Red Mallard to reposition its digital branding, including a new website and content marketing strategy.

Connect Staffing’s rapid growth

Cima Johnson, a 20-year veteran recruiter who wanted to do things differently than the conventional approach, founded Connect Staffing in 2012. Her vision was to address the need for a more caring, personal touch and greater focus on the success of job candidates and employees.

By 2019, Connect Staffing had expanded from its single location in Stanton to dozens of employees in five southern California offices throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire, as well as a sixth outpost in Houston.

Selecting a strategic branding and content partner

“Red Mallard was referred to us by a trusted business associate,” says Connect Staffing’s Operations and IT Manager, Nick Hinrichs.

“After exploring options, we chose Red Mallard because they asked the right questions and quickly got a feel for our company culture, which focuses on respect, courtesy, and employee safety as well as making the right match between people and jobs.

“We also wanted to stand out from our competition rather than have another ‘cookie-cutter’ type site, with fresh content and insights to share with our clients and candidates, rather than something that felt re-hashed. Red Mallard gave us that innovative view we needed.”

The best solutions start with the right questions

Led by president John Welches, the Red Mallard team began by meeting with Cima and Nick, asking in-depth questions to fully understand their challenges, goals, and vision for Connect Staffing’s future.

It quickly became clear that the staffing agency needed to target and effectively engage two distinct audiences: hiring companies and job seekers. Connect Staffing also wanted to communicate its distinctive culture in unparalleled care, education, and resources for job seekers.

‘Connecting People With People’

Based on their research, Red Mallard created and implemented a powerful rebranding strategy that involved developing a full-featured, user-friendly new website from scratch, supported by an influential content marketing campaign.

Welches explains, “Our objective was to improve engagement with Connect Staffing’s website by directing and creating content specifically to help both audiences get where they needed to go quickly, so they could interact with the agency at whatever level they needed. For example, we got people engaged in their blog with industry-related articles, helped to segment their email list, and redirected their social media with updated content.”

As a result, the new website tripled Connect Staffing’s organic traffic within just four months, and the content increased organic traffic by an additional 30%. In addition, social media engagement improved dramatically, while email marketing performed above average for click-throughs.

Setting up Connect Staffing for success

Hinrichs lauds the Red Mallard team for its work: “High-quality content accompanied crisp and lively web design. They definitely ‘got it’ when it came to our company’s values and characteristics, and their flexibility with time constraints was impressive. I highly recommend Red Mallard for marketing support.”

Welches says, “The best part of this project for us was working with and learning from Cima and Nick, who are both very savvy business professionals. Our solution was designed to create a solid foundation and set up their team so they could handle further marketing efforts in-house going forward. As intended, they have continued to capitalize on that momentum with great success.”

Welcome to the flock.

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