The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) is a professional association providing valuable industry resources, education, and networking for construction financial professionals throughout the United States and Canada since 1981. As one of the earliest established chapters, Orange County CFMA (OCCFMA) has been a mainstay of the local construction-based financial community for nearly four decades.

Members represent a wide range of roles related to financial aspects of the construction industry, including general and specialty contractors, subcontractors, architecture and engineering Firms, CFOs/controllers, accounting, sureties and bonding, insurance, banks, attorneys, and more.

Recovering from the Pandemic

When COVID-19 first hit in 2020, OCCFMA temporarily ceased its twice-monthly activities and special events, although the chapter’s board continued to meet virtually. The ongoing global pandemic, combined with accelerated job turnover, disconnection, and stalled outreach, led to a decline in membership and engagement. In 2021, chapter leaders hired Red Mallard to boost the organization’s branding and manage its marketing efforts.

Red Mallard president John Welches says, “This has been a very rewarding collaboration. Our focus on construction and professional services makes the agency a natural fit to support OCCFMA’s objectives. We were already familiar with them since several of our clients are members.”

John took became communications chair to coordinate promotional efforts more efficiently as the point person between OCCFMA and the agency. Over the past, John and his team spearheaded a marketing strategy designed to re-engage existing members, gain new ones, and increase visibility for the chapter.

The Red Mallard team:

• Manages all digital advertising media

• Writes articles for the OCCFMA online Content Hub, which supplement member contributions

• Creates, posts, and engages users of OCCFMA’s public LinkedIn page.

• Consistently promotes the chapter’s live events—which recently returned as pandemic restrictions eased—including:

Vision for the Future

As OCCFMA regains its footing in a post-pandemic world, the branding partnership with Red Mallard will continue to evolve.

“Going forward, it is important to keep engaging current members and inviting new ones so the chapter can grow,” says John. “In support of these goals, Red Mallard will expand the content offerings with more articles, videos highlighting chapter members, and increase exposure for vendors through strategic advertising.

Our vision is to position Orange County CFMA as THE place to be for contractors and people who serve as the financial backbone of our local construction industry.”

Welcome to the flock.

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