Demand the Brand Demand the Brand

Know it. Back and forth, front and back, left, right, and sideways. A company is defined by their brand, and there is no excuse to stutter around what your company provides and how they provide it. The brand of a company is a representation of their personality, their value, and everything they stand for. It’s imperative to know, not just for marketing purposes, but for defining the company as a whole.

There are a few components of a brand that every company should incorporate into their business.

  • Perfect Promise: A company needs to be able to make a promise to their client. Find where the company is most credible and provides the most value and form a one-sentence promise. Ensure the promise is easy to understand and clear, and that it helps organize the company’s priorities.
  • Prime Position: The position of the company relative to the competition needs to be established clearly. How does this company differ from the rest? What does it provide that the competition does not? Knowing those answers provides a marketing edge.
  • Terrific Tagline: Take the essence of the company and reduce it to just a few words. Make it strong and powerful. The tagline is the most important part of the company, as it can appear on business cards, websites, and most marketing materials.
  • Premium Proposition: Exactly what value does the company or service propose better than the rest? This can be broken down into four categories: best quality, best value, most luxury, and highest need. If the company does not fall into one of those four categories, the proposition of the company needs to be reevaluated.

If even one of these bullet points cannot be answered immediately about your company, contact Red Mallard today. As marketing and branding professionals, we can help organize and strengthen the brand of your company.

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