When creating a website, there are lots of features to care about: you want it to be eye-catching yet sleek, easy to navigate and of course, it’s important for the layout to be mobile friendly. But something that a lot of businesses don’t spend enough time thinking about is developing the website’s content. If your site doesn’t have good content, it won’t be as effective in reaching your target audience they way you want to.

Let’s take a look at why strong web content is so important and how you can improve your content approach:

  1. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important
    Search engines like Google are getting more and more sophisticated. Their analysis of site content runs much deeper than just the page titles and meta tags that drove rankings in the past. The more quality content you have, the better your organic SEO will be.
  1. Create Original and Quality Content
    Your website content should be original and unique. Copying and pasting verbiage from other online sources can actually work against your SEO, and create legal issues. Red Mallard can help you create content that has value to your target audience.
  1. Write New Content Regularly
    Three things are vital for website content these days: there should be ample quantity, good quality, and fresh content added regularly. Start a blog or a news page, post customer reviews and look for ways to keep adding new content to your site on a frequent basis.
  1. Provide Helpful Information
    Strong web content helps you build up credibility and value in the minds of consumers when they ultimately visit your site. Your website should have helpful information relating to your business, the industry you serve and the target audience you are aiming to reach. Not only will people have a better chance of finding your site because of the content, they’ll be more attracted to what your business is offering.
  1. Utilize Keywords
    Your content should include keywords and key phrases peppered throughout the different articles and site pages. They need to be worked into the verbiage tactfully, though. It is an art to write keyword-loaded content without it sounding like it’s overloaded with keywords. That’s why it’s helpful to have Red Mallard on the job – we’ll create content that is geared towards those keywords in an organic way.

Indeed, content is king when it comes to website development. To learn more about how to generate quality content throughout your site or to get started with an ongoing blog campaign, contact Red Mallard for a complimentary consultation.

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