Imagine you’re at a networking mixer finishing up a great conversation with a potential client or business contact, and you’re just about to part ways when you reach into your pocket to hand them your business card – a white, dull piece of paper, complete with Times New Roman font. What a great way to show off the quality of work your business produces, right? Wrong.

While it might just seem like another piece of collateral, your business card packs a lot of punch. According to a survey by Statistic Brain Research Institute, 39 percent of working individuals would not do business with someone if they had a poorly assembled or “cheap-looking” business card. That holds weight because your card is the first piece of your brand, your story, that some people may see and the assumption is, “Well, what else don’t they pay attention to or care about in their work…?”

Red Mallard has designed and printed business cards for all types of companies, from simple matte finishes on linen paper to custom jobs requiring spot UV, silk lamination, die cuts, and more.

So you can avoid the pain of going to print and getting lack-luster results, here are a few tips to help make your business cards stand out.

1Don’t forget the necessary info and spellcheck!
Your name, logo, address, phone number, email…that’s basic stuff. But, what else can you add to make it jump out or catch people off guard?

  • Leave off your job title: People might look and say, “Well, what do you do” or “What’s your job title?” That’s a great opener for you to take control and direct the conversation.
  • Be funny or cute: On the back of the card, ask a question that anyone can answer, like “What’s your favorite movie?” or put a picture of yourself on there.
  • Inspirational Quote: Everybody loves quotes from memorable figures, so include your favorite one or one you know will resonate with others. If anything, you made someone’s day by reminding them of it.

The main purpose of any business card is to make it easy for people to contact you. Priority also matters: If you prefer to be reached on your cell phone, be sure to place that phone number in a prominent position, titled “Direct” or “Cell”.


2. Craft a branded design people (and your employees) will love.
People may judge the quality of your work based on how well your company is branded. From your website to collateral pieces—like the business card—displaying a consistent, well-designed brand will create feelings of trust and credibility.

How many times do you reorder cards for everyone other than the sales team and CEO? How many employees have the same box of 250 cards in their desk for years? Well, give them a reason to hand them out by making the design compelling, the brand message clear. Otherwise, you may never know that your Accounts Payable Level II employee has a cousin that works at the prospect you’d love to land if they don’t love their card.

Does your business card tell a story?
Click image to see effects.

3Don’t skimp on quality paper and unique print effects.
Gloss is out. It gets fingerprints smeared on it. Don’t do it. Go matte finish or embrace the buttery feel of silk lamination. Now, those are the cost-effective solutions that you can use for your fleet of employees or sales folks. 

If it’s just you, you may want to invest in some fancier elements, like getting foil (yes, it was out for a bit, but it’s back if done with restraint), spot UV, die cuts, special paper stocks (like craft or metal). It depends on the statement you want to make. Remember, we love to feel and touch things…you can make your card a sensory experience with the right combo.

It’s easy to slap the logo on a card and call it a day. But, consider the cost-effective print solutions available to you and you just might tell a story that will lead to amazing conversations with the right attention to detail.

If you ever need advice or would like to consider Red Mallard for your business card design and print orders, please contact us today. Our print management services allow you to rely on us for housing, updating, proofing, ordering, and shipping your printed materials all over the world. Contact us today for more information.


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