As cliche as it is, we’ve got to say, WOW.

What a year.

It seems that every November is an opportunity to reflect and admit that there were many unexpected trials. But, there are just as many, if not more, reasons to be thankful.

This year, Red Mallard grew more than any of our previous.

We gained new flock members, welcomed new clients, and learned a few lessons. And all along the way, we got to do it alongside our valued clients.

From the Red Mallard family to yours, thank you. It’s never too early to look back on a year and simmer on the ways we’ve all been blessed.

“What a year of joy! I got married and moved to Visalia, where we’ve been nestling into our new, quiet neighborhood. Plus, my husband and I got a new puppy who will share our love for this neighborhood when we go on walks as a family. As we approach 2022, I’m excited to learn more about social media marketing—since we’ve been focusing on this lately, to better serve clients. For now, I’m excited about Christmas vacation and going to Disney World with my husbands family.”

– Natasha Oldfield

“This year, I deliberately made more room for my hobbies by carving out time everyday. Professionally, I’ve grown in seeing the big picture and how different processes effect our efficiency. Next year. I’m ready to improve as a manager, delegator, and communicator-all interrelated, and all ways that will help the entire team do better work. As we approach Thanksgiving and a vacation in December, I can’t wait to play board games with friends, camp, and just hangout with good people. “

– Alex Bennett

“This past March, my family was able to spend intentional slow, quality time together in Maui. Business-wise, I’m proud to have emerged more as a leader—focusing on operations and a more “hands-off” style by giving our team more autonomy. Even so, I’m thankful to have become more comfortable in giving guidance at the proper time and look forward to better communicating Red Mallard’s vision as we keep moving forward.”

– John Welches

“Since starting Red Mallard earlier this year, I’ve gained a broader perspective of marketing. It’s been fun to move from completely in-house, to having clients that we work with every day. I’m thankful that, as a team, we’ve grown in our ability to keep people in their lanes. Finally, I’m grateful for a season of reconnecting with others!”

– Michelle Stys

“A milestone for our family this year, that I’m grateful for, is having moved into our new house. We’ve settled into a quiet neighborhood with other families that our kids get to play with. Also, I’m designing full time! This means I’m presented with an opportunity to improve as a leader and delegator. This Thanksgiving season is special because I’m always stoked for new opportunities, and know that next year will bring many of them.”

– Becky Haberstroh

“Despite the residual exhaustion from a difficult 2020, this year has been my best yet. Joining the Red Mallard team, getting married, and settling into our blended family has been a completely joy and adventure I never expected. I’m grateful for time off and for the opportunity to grow as a marketer in 2022 alongside the best team ever.”

– Sarina McGowan

“Thank goodness for 2021 and the return of live events! This year, I saw Billie Eilish and a bunch of other local bands. One big thing I’m grateful for is that I’ve become more comfortable asking for help and clarification. Really, I’m looking forward to learning about more aspects of marketing that are outside of my typical scope. Plus, I can’t wait to travel more in 2022.”

– Elizabeth Wheat

Again, from Red Mallard, happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate you!

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Welcome to the flock.

Thanks for getting in touch with us! We’ll be back at you very soon.