We’ve all seen social media posts that contain misspelled words, typographical errors and the incorrect use of “there,” “their” and “they’re.” We’re immune to it on our social media feeds and we’re gracious when friends or family make such mistakes, but have you ever thought about how improper grammar can affect your business?

We’re talking about all forms of marketing, including print materials, web content, social media, emails and blogs. When your business content has improper grammar, typos and misspellings, the perception of consumers can be greatly affected.

Take a look at some of the reasons why bad grammar is bad for business:

  1. You lose credibility.
    Whether you’re a company who sells rubber ducks or an independent contractor who offers massage services, your expertise in the field is what customers seek from you. You’ve reached many shores with your skills, and proper grammar is a component of your boat that’s keeping you floating. If your materials contain even minor grammatical errors, many customers will wonder what other details you fail to notice. It may be one small leak in your ship, but if left untended to, could cause you to sink.
  1. It decreases sales.
    A study conducted in 2013 by Global Lingo surveyed over 1000 adults on their impressions towards online shopping. Of those who were surveyed, 74 percent said that they noticed the quality of the content on a company’s website – including grammar. Here’s where it gets interesting: 59 percent of the total surveyed said that they wouldn’t do business with a company who had grammatical errors. So what’s the deal? Improper grammar makes a product seem less trustworthy. And for most customers, trust is a big factor in the decision to make a purchase.
  1. First impressions are important.
    Bad grammar, wordiness and poor structure – all of these writing issues have the same end result: frustrated readers. These factors slow readers down and obscure the content. As individuals, we value our time, especially when we are seeking advice from an expert. If the given information diminishes the reader’s experience, it leaves a salty impression.

Good grammar is essential to all companies. Sure, it won’t get you an award, but it will make you credible, improve sales and make a good impression. So what happens if you find yourself in a major grammar dilemma? Don’t fret, it happens to the best of us. Even Reedsy had some grammar hiccups along the way, like in this subject line of their email campaign. How did they respond? Well, with the truth. We are only human, after all.

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