Build a Brand Through Rich Content  Build a Brand Through Rich Content

As Bill Gates once said, content is king. Without excellent content, a company cannot succeed to its fullest capacity. I recently read David Meerman Scott’s book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, where he covers how important content is when building a brand’s image. He touches on a few tips about how to create great content to enhance your brand that are worth sharing:

1. Define your goals.

If you don’t start off understanding your goals and objectives as a brand, it will be rather difficult to have content that serves a direct purpose. If you figure out what your goals are first, the process of creating your content will make sense and come more naturally.

2. Think like a publisher.

To be a successful publisher, you need a firm understanding of the target audience for any given publication. Just like a publisher, brands have to know and understand who their audience is, so they can create content that reflects and reaches them.

Also, like publishers, ask yourself, who are my readers? What are their motivations? What’s the best way to reach them? What content will make them purchase or choose something my company has to offer? If you do this, strengthening the identity of your brand will come easier.

3. Focus on your buyers’ needs.

Once you identify your target audience, consider what content will meet their needs. If you are able to create content that helps solve their problems, prospective customers will be more inclined to believe in your brand.

4. Show, don’t just tell.

It’s easy to tell people what your company does, but it’s more meaningful to show people who your company is. You can do this through a great blog post on industry-relevant content or providing an online white paper for prospective buyers. At the end of the day, creating great and thorough content can show your audience how impressive your company is, therefore boosting your brand’s image at the same time.

At Red Mallard, we want your company to be successful, starting with enhancing your brand and content marketing. Give us a call and we will be happy to sit down and create a brand and content marketing strategy with you.

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