How to Pick the Right Call to Action If you need this, do this! That’s the essence of a call to action. Well… duh. That seems pretty obvious. But every blog, every social media post, every email blast, they all need calls to action. How else will people know what your services are, right? Or who they’re going to call? It’s not Ghostbusters, it’s your business. Calls to action are critical for the marketing side of your business, but writing an effective one is tough.

A well-written call to action can make or break the reader’s decision to contact you. We put together a quick list of effective ways to call your reader to action:

  • Proper Parts: There are a few pieces of a call to action that are imperative before you even get creative. First, write it in second person. It’s easier to relate to as a reader. More than that, make sure the language prompts the reader to take action. Use commanding verbs such as “call” or “download” or “learn” and then link them to another landing page where they can follow that action.
  • Sense of Urgency: Conveying a sense of urgency in the CTA can mean the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity. Try using words like “today,” “now” and “immediately.” Offer something that can be lost if they don’t act right now.
  • Acknowledge the Audience: Know your audience and what you want them to do. When you know this, the language of the call to action will be much more straightforward and easier to follow.
  • Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: You don’t just need one CTA. Feel free to weave them throughout your post. Have one call to action that leads to a white paper, another that leads to a blog, another that leads to your website. As long as the traffic comes back to you, there’s no harm!

How’s it sound? Overwhelming? That’s fine; it’s why we’re here. Red Mallard knows how to write CTAs. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out exactly what your business is missing.

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