There’s no doubt that one of the most important components to any email campaign is the subject line. For too many, it is an afterthought, but top email marketers will spend just as much time crafting a good subject line as they do writing the content. After all, if nobody bothers to open your email, then it’s a wasted opportunity. Here are a few tips that can help make your email subject line stand out.

  1. Getting More Emails Opened
    Just think about how much email you get every day. A lot of it is junk, so what does it take for you to be intrigued by a subject line enough to open a particular email?

    There are different approaches to consider. You can try and evoke curiosity. You could position the email as informative (as long as that information is something that is compelling to your customers). Or, you may want to express a sense of urgency. All of these are ways to entice your subscribers to open your email.

  1. Test Different Approaches
    The great thing about today’s email management programs is that it is very easy to run multiple subject lines for the same email campaign. This enables you to test market various approaches to see which subject lines are getting opened the most. All consumer groups are unique and may react differently depending on the products, services or information being shared in an email. That’s why it’s important to understand your target audience and craft subject lines that will be intriguing to them specifically.
  1. What is a Preheader?
    Most email management systems allow you to include a “preheader” in addition to the subject line. They may appear side by side with the subject line, below it or in a pop-up alert, depending on the email program. Preheaders are a secondary opportunity to catch someone’s attention or promote action from the reader. Your subject line and preheader should work hand-in-hand for optimal results.

    Speaking of results, always track each email campaign and see which emails are getting opened the most. This is especially true if doing a test run with multiple subject lines as mentioned earlier. The most effective email campaigns are built by learning from mistakes and building on successes.

To learn more about email marketing and how to craft better subject lines for your email campaigns, contact Red Mallard today and see what our email management services can do for your business.

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