The business of content marketing has plenty of room for high volume, middling quality product. After all, many businesses rely on filling their websites with words chosen more to please the search engines than human beings. Some of those clients may not be worried about the impression their digital content makes about their businesses. 

When we talk to people who run “high volume SEO” businesses, they’re often surprised when we tell them we specialize in high-end content.

What do we mean by high end? A recent project offers an example.

People who know Red Mallard probably know that our clients run the gamut, from local general contractors to global business leaders. Whether small or large, businesses come to us for help because they want to tell their stories and represent their work with polish and professionalism. The same is true for another category of client we’re proud to work for: academic institutions.

U.C. Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business recently asked Red Mallard to draft articles for the school’s annual Research in Action report. The report, which summarizes recent academic work of the school’s faculty, plays a critically important role in highlighting the school’s exceptional faculty and its leadership at the forefront of new business ideas. We needed to deliver content that would inspire new student applications, support grants, and enhance the school’s prestige – in short, our content had to be high end.

UCI asked us if we could deliver plain-English summaries of academic papers in economics, sociology, and finance, integrating the perspectives of the professors who wrote them, in just a couple weeks. We said, “No problem.” Our writers conducted interviews, wrote drafts, and delivered cleanly edited articles well in advance of production deadlines.

Red Mallard was hired by UCI because they needed an agency that makes a habit of delivering polished work.

A few things about the way Red Mallard works made the UCI project a success:

  • Serious talent. We select experienced writers with broad backgrounds, educations, and a proven track record. We need our writers to be smart, because they need to be ready to jump from topic to topic with clarity and insight, even if it’s something new to them. 
  • Service. The team at UCI asked Red Mallard to take on a pretty complicated job with a very tight deadline. We were happy to shuffle our schedules around to meet their schedule and deliver excellent first drafts.
  • Speed with accuracy. Being fast isn’t enough. Like a gunslinger in a western, crafting content quickly is useless unless you’re also good. When the pressure’s on, our team pulls together to ensure even the rush jobs are done right.

The UCI project gave us a chance to show off what high-end means to us: challenging work directed at a real, sophisticated audience. We always look forward to taking on the hard stuff, whether for an academic institution or a business in a specialized industry. 

In the Content Game, It Pays to be Smart

If your organization is looking for fresh strategies to tell its story, give Red Mallard a quack

P.S. We acknowledge that being smart is beneficial in most games; we are focused on the ones that help companies grow and drive prestige.


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