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Search Engine Optimization: It seems like the word is everywhere, especially when it comes to content marketing. But do you even know what it means, let alone how to use it to your advantage? Basic marketing SEO generally comes with the knowledge that a good SEO plan will give you increased traffic, conversions, and revenue, but there’s more. The SEO plan needs to revolve completely around a content marketing strategy.

When it comes to a perfect content marketing strategy, there are four main components that every company, big or small, should follow.

  • Give them what they want. The people want what the people want. Figure it out and use it to your advantage. Figure out what people are searching for and gear the content towards that. A lack of planned or targeted content is usually the main reason businesses do not notice results from their content marketing.
  • Retarget, retarget, retarget. Even after they’ve left the website, bring them back. Use retargeting lists to contact them after they’ve left the site and give them an offer if they return to the site.
  • Giveaways and offers—now! Encourage them to take action now by offering sales or promotions that must take advantage of at that specific moment. If they leave the site, the offer disappears. Don’t be mistaken though: content marketing is not the same thing as advertising. Giveaways and offers are the business’s way of gaining trust and connecting with the audience.
  • Create smart content. At its most basic, smart content is content with a purpose and a specific targeted audience. Try and get content linked to pages like Wikipedia for a serious increase in traffic. To do this, go through and search Wikipedia for dead links and replace them with specific content.

Sound confusing? It can be. Make your life easier: give Red Mallard a call today. We specialize in SEO and know how to get your website and content even more popular. Give us a call and we can discuss your marketing plan today.

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