In fact, maybe you shouldn’t. At least not on your own.

Sure, it might bring some traffic to your website, but there’s so much more to blogging than that. It’s more than just scribbling notes and posting them. You might have a million ideas on what to blog about, but do you really understand exactly how blogs work?

The cold hard truth is this: blogging is less about the content and more about promotion and upkeep.

Don’t misunderstand, the content absolutely has its own share of importance, but what relevance does the content have if no one is reading it? Blogging is more about planning, scheduling, and organizing. It’s work, and if the work isn’t taken seriously, it won’t be successful.

One aspect of your blog that a lot of people take for granted is their audience. Who, exactly, is reading your blog? The answer to this question can’t just be “anyone.” You need to have a specific target audience in mind.

Is your audience young or old? Are you directing your blogs to scientists with Ph.Ds or recent high school graduates? Your audience affects your wording, your verbiage, and of course your subject matter.

And finally, the main reason you shouldn’t blog on your own is that you don’t have any intention of actually maintaining it. There’s nothing worse than a lazy blog. Use it. Have someone keep it updated if you can’t. Blogs require work, but their benefits are huge.

Ultimately, if you can’t commit the time, don’t start. There are other ways to bring traffic to your site, like social media. At Red Mallard, blogging is one of our specialties. We blog right. We keep it maintained for you and bring in as much traffic as we can with relevant, promoted content. If you’re interested in using our blogging services, contact us. We’re happy to meet with you to see how we can help.

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