Keep Your Content Evergreen Keep Your Content Evergreen

The content you put out to the world is how people learn about you and your brand. While it’s important to keep your blog and social media updated constantly, it’s even more important to make sure that what you’re posting is evergreen.

So what exactly is evergreen content? Despite the name, it doesn’t have anything to do with keeping the environment healthy or a coniferous tree. Evergreen content has to do with how relevant the content can stay over time. Essentially, the content should be relevant not just the day it’s posted, but also when someone stumbles across your blog six months later.

There isn’t a specific period of time that your content needs to stay relevant, but the longer, the better. Your content is already interesting—if you make it interesting always, you’ll be able to continually attract more customers.

There are a few ways to keep your content evergreen.

  • Be the source. Whatever topic you’re covering, use multiple sources. Treat it as a mini-essay so people choose your blog to reference when they’re creating their own content.
  • Write for your audience. If you start throwing around big words, your audience will lose interest. People that are researching your topic are probably beginners, not professionals. Make sure your content is written towards them.
  • Stay specific. Going in-depth on one specific topic will help your readers stay focused, rather than jumping around to a bunch of different subjects. It’s also easier to write, as you don’t have to worry about covering so many topics in 300-500 words.

If you have any more questions as to how to keep your content evergreen, contact Red Mallard today. We specialize in 100% unique content for you and your business or product and will make sure your content is as evergreen and relevant as possible.

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