LinkedIn Ad Revenue Increase Due to Content Marketing

We use LinkedIn to network. That’s a given. But what about for advertising? LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the best places for content marketing for businesses. From just January to March of this year, LinkedIn saw a 38 percent increase in ad sales from the same period in 2014. And while this increase does not mean an overall increase for the year, it still shows signs of the strength of this platform for content marketing purposes.

LinkedIn uses Sponsored Updates to let advertisers post blogs on other members’ home pages. This comprises more than 40 percent of the aforementioned ad revenue, and they expect this to grow at a healthy rate, but the rest is slumping due to automated ad buying. At Red Mallard, we believe in digital content marketing, especially in LinkedIn. Here are a few reasons why LinkedIn ads are so important.

  • Keep it Unique. And by this, we mean visitors. LinkedIn alone generates 184 million unique visitors each month and 172,000 new sign ups per day. This means the conversion rate is three times that of Facebook or Twitter.
  • SEO is SO Important. Any and all new content will help your search engine optimization (or SEO), but posting to LinkedIn helps even more. Google loves LinkedIn, so it ends up at the top of searches.
  • The Focus is Firm. With Facebook and Twitter, there is so much personal information going on that rarely do people pay attention to the business aspect. With LinkedIn, people are on the site with business in mind and are more likely to focus on the content.
  • Insight is Indisputably Easy. When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of content, everywhere else is difficult. LinkedIn saw this struggle and created a program that rates the quality and effectiveness of each piece of content that is released. This is called LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score. Use it to determine what content is most effective for readers.

LinkedIn is vital when it comes to content marketing. Allocating money towards LinkedIn content marketing is a great way to get your content noticed, and at Red Mallard, we know this. Contact us for more information on how to get your content noticed.

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