Some are considered the “jack of all trades, master of none.” But for Elizabeth Wheat, we like to think of her as our “jack of all trades, master of wearing many hats.”

As Red Mallard’s account coordinator, Elizabeth is the glue that holds us together. 

Getting the 1,000 Foot View

Account coordinators are incredible multitaskers. A typical day for Elizabeth includes checking ongoing project progress, working with clients and providing answers to questions, setting up interviews, and bringing the Red Mallard staff together to collaborate and brainstorm strategy. “I can jump on any project, at any time, and appreciate being encouraged to learn something new every day.”

Meet Elizabeth Wheat, Account Coordinator and Concert Junkie

“I love getting to know the entire marketing process.”

Before we were blessed with Elizabeth as our new addition, she was in another administrative role that was the first step in her falling more in love with marketing. When she discovered this is where she wanted to put roots long-term, she knew it was time to search for another job with a more robust role. “I want to be part of a project, see it to fruition, and use my brain to creatively add value,” she says.

A Girl of Many Hats

Although the world of marketing isn’t new for Elizabeth, she still maintains a learning spirit, wanting to dive deeper and become familiar with the avenues in our industry. “I have an interest in social media marketing, video marketing, and paid ads. ‘How can these branches create a more comprehensive experience for different audiences?’ is something that I wonder often,” she explains. “Right now, I’m immersing myself in the world of social media marketing, working closely with Natasha and working within Hootsuite. Getting into the backend of a website is really where the magic happens as well, and where I’m learning most right now.” 

Inclusion and Adventure: the Perfect Blend

Elizabeth was seeking a change, but wasn’t willing to settle on less than a supportive company culture. “Everyone at Red Mallard is fun and excellent at inclusion. We have a weekly girls coffee chat, fun conversations and team meetings, and healthy amounts of banter and wit in our daily interactions,” she says.

When Elizabeth isn’t skillfully juggling her daily tasks, she’s likely pining to head to a music festival. “I miss live music, and any opportunity to be in that environment again would be epic,” she says. “Either that or boujee spa day. Long-term, I’d like to head to Japan!”

To connect with Elizabeth, find her on LinkedIn. She’s eager to get to know you!

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