After graduating from California Baptist University, Natasha Oldfield started her career in Elementary Education, working in preschool and other elementary classrooms. Although Natasha’s career in education ended in 2019, one thing remains the same: her knack for organization, administration, and understanding people.

Keep reading to get to know Natasha and why she’s an integral part of the Red Mallard team.

Reading Between the Lines with Natasha Oldfield 

No such thing as a “typical day”

In marketing (and many other fields), every person wears nearly every hat. While this sounds like chaos for some, for others, it’s what provides novelty and excitement to their role. Fortunately, Natasha embraces her “no typical day” role and executes every essential task with ease and grace. “Although there’s no normal day, I often spend the first little while checking emails, Asana, my calendar, and more to gain an overall view of the day, week, or month,” she explains. “For example, I scheduled client emails this morning and migrated copy—tasks in my rhythm near the end of each month.”

But scheduling emails and conducting client data reports requires much more than meets the eye, such as collecting information (client requests), conducting A/B testing and letting the team know the results, and putting together strategic automation to elevate a clients’ email marketing. “Currently, I’m going through an Active Campaign course, learning about automation. It’s far more hands-on than I once realized,” she tells us. “Even so, I’m always up for a challenge! It’s fun and one way I can ‘step outside of’ my left brain and put my creative hat on.”

Great marketing through understanding people

Although seasoned in administrative work, Natasha’s first experience in marketing was when she joined Red Mallard full-time in 2021. Even so, Natasha’s undergraduate psychology degree more than equipped her to jump in head first! “My psychology courses taught me how to understand people better and read between the lines. For example, if someone acts a certain way, I naturally wonder why?” she says. “This makes me curious in all areas of life, and most importantly, improves relationships.”

Curious, she is—Natasha’s inquisitiveness often prompts her to take another course or research ways to make processes more organized and efficient. Naturally, our crew loves learning from her and provides us opportunities to collaborate and strengthen Red Mallard’s culture. “I’m grateful to work with a team of people who are excited about their jobs and love what they are doing! There’s great camaraderie here,” she tells us.

It’s not all work and no play

Last May, Natasha, and her “growing” family moved to Visalia, California, where there’s plenty of room for family time and walking their newest addition, Cedar.

Reading Between the Lines with Natasha Oldfield 

“The main thing I love to do is play with our labrador puppy! She takes up a lot of time, but I still manage to carve room for other hobbies, like cooking and baking,” she says. “My favorite recipe lately is chicken katsu—it involves a lot of breadcrumbs and the best part: sauce. It’s all about the sauce.”

We’re better, together

Most clients don’t “see” Natasha in the day-to-day, but her role in deploying all client content is truly what keeps us moving. The Red Mallard team can’t stress enough how appreciative we are for Natasha and every other team member who makes great content marketing possible.
To continue learning about Natasha, visit our website. We also encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn for more “behind the scenes” and people behind our business.

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