If you’re in the business of building, you may think it’s unimportant to provide current and prospective clients with relevant information about the trade via blog posts. But neglecting recurring content that brings value could mean missing out on higher website visits and more loyal clients. Let’s roll up our sleeves and learn why your construction company should consider blogging as part of your marketing strategy.

Top Benefits for Construction Companies

At first, this may seem like a pointless task, but we assure you that the benefits of blogging reach into every industry. At Red Mallard, we work with a handful of clients who are in the construction sector, and the following benefits are something we love seeing for them.

Build Brand Awareness

Connecting with customers in meaningful ways on various channels encourages prospects to become converts. A business blog can increase your brand’s visibility, create opportunities for engagement, and nurture relationships with new and existing customers.

According to Insynth, “As an expert, you can cover many angles of your construction knowledge, proving your proficiency and building trust with website visitors.” The goal is to populate within search engines so that when someone sets out to look for the ideal construction company, yours comes to mind. 

Improve SEO Rankings

This ability to show up as the expert on Google or other search engines is called “search engine optimization”—what businesses focus on as they strive towards landing a spot on the coveted first page of Google.

Fresh, engaging blog content that integrates high-scoring keywords will boost SEO performance through organic search and attract backlinks from other sites, which results in high-quality leads.

Statistics indicate that business websites with blogs average 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links than those without blogs (DemandMetric), translating to higher placement on the most widely used search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

If you’d like to become the Telecom construction expert in Southern California, like our friends at Burge Construction, consider it a goal to rank for “telecom construction.” Knowing this will guide the content you put into your blog.

What Should You Blog About?

If upkeeping a blog isn’t something you’re used to, thinking of content ideas may be stretching. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes. The following ideas barely scratch the surface of what you could say. There is always hidden value to uncover with a bit of help from your friends at Red Mallard.

  • Fine Dining Construction — Burge Construction is the jack of all trades for Southern California Construction. Ranging from telecom, hospitality, and commercial construction, there’s endless possibilities to convey expertise. In this blog post, we learn about what it takes to build an upscale restaurant in Southern California, according to Burge.
  • Getting technical with safety — Delta Pipeline specializes in installing sewer, water, fire, and storm drains. Since safety is at the forefront of their work, a blog post about 5 Hazards to Consider when Digging was relevant to current and potential clients who similarly care about a job safely completed.
  • Showcase the company or organization — The Construction Financial Management Association is an organization full of financial construction professionals who wants to increase website traffic. Each month, CFMA Content Hub showcases a member. Occasional profiles that feature the faces behind your construction business are one way to foster familiarity.

The Bottom Line of Blogging

Business blogging is a cost-effective way for B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes to generate website traffic, build credibility, support inbound marketing strategies, and gain the attention of target customers.

Red Mallard’s expert content marketing team can help you produce a steady stream of well-researched, professionally written blog posts that attract more customers to your website. To explore the possibilities, get in touch with us.

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