The best way to get your message to your desired audience is to eliminate barriers, and one way to do so is by reducing the number of “steps” customers need to take before seeing your solution to their problems. And your current or future customers are online, many of which are on Instagram.

Should your business be there, too?

Brains love visual media

Of all five senses, sight is the language of the brain.

Our digital media-saturated world has made advertising more accessible than ever, but users are getting smarter and paying attention for less time. This is why social media lovers favor Instagram: it allows them to move swiftly through content, only stopping when something catches their eye. Most information transmitted to the brain is visual, with our image processing time at a rapid 13 milliseconds. Although images alone won’t shoot you to the top of a search result, their ability to effortlessly tell a story to a potential customer makes them vital in marketing.

Visual media immediately forges an emotional connection and improves recall

Our brain processes emotional recognition from pictures within 100 milliseconds, which may provide a 31% increase in profit and a 45% increase in views. Brand recall is also greatly improved because of visual media. Since people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they hear, exposing yourself through visual content is critical.

Pictures clarify your message

If your business is selling a product or service people are unfamiliar with, they probably wonder how to use it or why it will change their lives. Pictures showcase the how of your product and make an impression on why people need it. For example, do you need to be convinced that purchasing a vehicle is a worthwhile investment? Probably not. We already know why cars are necessary. Instead, car companies are showcasing people using and loving their cars. The smile on a Subaru owner’s face or joyful dog hanging out of the window in the mountains of Colorado is something you never forget.

Social butterflies provide free advertising

Social selling is the new, influential, 5-star review we need to make a buying decision. Although reviews are a helpful way to see authentic opinions about a product or service, they take time to read through. Instead, a quick word-of-mouth recommendation influences about 83% of us to make a purchase, and more than half of us move entirely through the buying pipeline without engaging with a sales professional. More than ever, trust is being formed through social media influence. Our inherent need to belong to something, like a community, makes this marketing effective.

It also promotes your product and service to what is most likely your target audience. Users follow accounts that resonate with and inspire them, so you can spend less time trying to crack the code of where your ideal customer is hanging out. We will let you in on a secret: they’re on the feed of somebody who wants to recommend what you’re offering.

Being available is always in season

Listening is the foundation of empathy, so like a bee to sweet honey, customers will flock to your Instagram page if they know you’ll be there to engage with their questions or concerns. In addition, availability on social media enhances the customer experience by providing personalized responses and examples for future customers when their inquiries arise.

Customer service isn’t speed dating, either. These long-term relationships need watering, which can only happen when you understand how customers are currently feeling towards your brand. An added benefit is using Instagram engagement data to inform your CRM practices. For example, you’ll get insight into where the buyer is on their journey, any previous issues (and how they were solved), or praises from customer evangelists.

Should your business be on Instagram?

Instagram offers what people crave–personalized experiences, visual storytelling, and belonging. Your business has the option of using a free platform to stand apart from the competition by meeting customers where they are.

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