Show, Don't Tell: Why Visuals Spice Up Content Show, Don’t Tell: Why Visuals Spice Up Content

Does the number of unread emails in your inbox rapidly increase before your eyes? You wake up, make coffee, and poof, more emails! Get in the car, park at the office, and look, four more. Today we’re definitely not at a loss of information. Or words, for that matter. And if you feel that way, so do your customers or potential clients.

So how do you break through the noise with content that engages, and doesn’t bore? Content that is memorable, and not immediately forgotten with every other tweet or Facebook post?

The answer: use visual content. Pairing images with content gets your message noticed. Here are some tips to bring your content to life.

  • Tell a good story. We get lost for hours in movies and books because we are captivated by the stories. Brands tap into this same power.  To begin, tell the story of your brand identity, company history, and the people that are the backbone of your business. Testimonials are also a powerful way to incorporate storytelling and client experiences into your marketing efforts.
  • Connect with your audience. Each post sent through Facebook, LinkedIn, or email should include a photo. Help readers tie a visual concept to written content. And as an added bonus, visuals make content more shareable.
  • Highlight your call to action. Usually the goal of content is to drive the reader to a particular action. Don’t let this call to action fade away. Make it stand out with some visual help. Unique visuals and a strong call to action will increase the effectiveness of the message.
  • Get animated. Lastly, do not just stick to static visuals. Video content is increasing in popularity. It both engages and informs while offering a new avenue to bring your content to life. In a short amount of time, viewers receive your key message without having to read through lengthy written text.

Does your content seem a bit dry? Red Mallard is ready to help pique readers’ attention. Reach out to us today to create a visually appealing strategy for your content marketing.

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