Small Business, Large Market: The Importance of Content Marketing

It seems like you hear about it everywhere nowadays: the words “Content Marketing” seem to be cruising through your mind daily, but what do they really mean? Content marketing can be anything from writing and maintaining your blog to posting on social media, to anything that will strategically market your business online.

However, studies are showing that small business owners are struggling to keep up with their content marketing for two main reasons: lack of time and lack of content. These are no excuses, though! Here are a few reasons that content marketing should be a main focus for your business.

  • Lead the crowd: Everyone is doing it, but what will set a business apart is how well the content marketing is executed. Recent polls show that 94 percent of businesses use content marketing, but only 36 percent report actually creating more new content in the last year.
  • Affect the effect: What use is marketing if it is not effective? The businesses that actually benefit from their marketing are the ones that not only have a content strategy, but stick to it and produce a significant amount of new content.
  • Become the expert: The more new content the business produces, the more the business looks like an expert in that field. As the CEO, the knowledge and expertise are already there. Putting it on paper, so to speak, and publishing it are a great way to spread that knowledge to potential clients.
  • Build the loyalty: With more content comes more client trust. It creates a community. Social media posts create an opportunity for the business to immediately interact with the client. This interaction creates trust and loyalty.

You have enough to think about, managing your small business. Let us help. Give Red Mallard a call today for a consultation and let us help you boost your content marketing.

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