Maryam Rushdi

Account Manager

Maryam Rushdi, Account Manager, is a neo-soul fan who also happens to specialize in client engagement. She joined Red Mallard in April 2017 as a Marketing Coordinator.

The focus of her career path has primarily been health-influenced, from personal training to grassroots health coaching to nutrition education for pre-teens. Her experience in writing has helped her draft pieces that got her into various colleges, kudos from professors, and, ultimately, job security at Red Mallard. At Oregon State University, Maryam received her B.S. in Public Health with minors in Chemistry and Nutrition. These days her degree comes in hand during outbreaks of foodborne illnesses.

Storytelling and helping people reach their goals are two highly-correlated objectives in Maryam’s noggin. Couple that with being a social butterfly, Maryam’s move into client engagement made sense. Today, you’ll find her pushing projects along, strengthening partnerships, and helping clients implement their services to improve KPIs.

Outside of the office, she lives a sweaty life and will probably try to convince you to buy a two-for-one Groupon fitness class. If you challenge her to an IKEA furniture build-out, she will win. When she’s not at the gym picking things up and putting them down, you can find her perfecting her latte art and speaking to her cat in Arabic endearments.


"Today, we will live in the moment—unless it's unpleasant, in which case we will eat a cookie."

— The Cookie Monster

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