You had an idea. A brilliant one! And decided: I can do something with this. So you’ve started the hard but hopefully rewarding journey of creating your own business.

Or, maybe your current company’s brand is becoming stale. Your logo looks like its straight out of the 90’s and your website is still in flash. To look relevant, you know your brand needs a fresh start.

Whatever your situation, a branding package that communicates your message is important. Here’s why:

New Brand

Determining who you are as a company is a huge part of getting everything started. You’ll probably be entering hundreds of conversations with people in the coming months who will ask what you’re all about. Not only is it important to nail down your talking points to speak to these questions, but it’s also essential to have that brand identity reflected in your materials to demonstrate your place in the market. Include these three goals as you come up with your new brand:

  • Communicate purpose
  • Differentiate yourself from the competitor
  • Establish credibility

How do you get here? Realize that good, creative ideas cost money. This will be an investment, but a worthwhile one. All the goals mentioned above will not be fully realized with a thrown-together brand identity.

Brand Refresh or Update

If you’re looking to rebrand, ask yourself why. Is there a reputation issue at stake? Is your marketing old and stodgy? Are you launching a new website and want to create a new look just for fun? These are all good reasons, but the why is important to steer your strategy and determine where to focus dollars.

Or maybe you’re updating your brand to include a new service or product. In this situation, make sure you fully understand the buyer, their pain points, how this is profitable, and what needs to be communicated to make the transaction seamless and easy. Is it ecommerce or brick and mortar? Is it an instant purchase or are they waiting for something to be delivered, built, installed or assembled for days, weeks or months? How should the buyer experience be structured to make the transaction both pleasurable and rewarding? What’s going to make them come back? Are you competing on price, quality or speed? You can’t give them all three, so make that decision first and then that will direct the marketing strategy to set expectations and map out the buyer journey.

There’s a lot to consider, right?

How Red Mallard Can Help

Red Mallard remembers our beginning days and get excited when we work with clients who are in this foundational stage. To show our support, we partner with new companies if we believe in what they’re doing. This looks like providing cost-effective start-up pricing to help the company get on its feet, with the goal that we can help them flourish and build a partnership for years to come.

For more information on our startup pricing or guidance in navigating the many questions that go into launching a new service, contact us today at 657.258.0015.

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