The Future of Brands: Luxury Is Out, Convenience Is Still In The Future of Brands: Luxury Is Out, Convenience Is Still In, and Everyone Wants to Play

When you walk into a grocery store, you face shelves of different kinds of cereal. How do you decide which one to buy? Branding guides consumer decisions, sometimes without them even realizing it. It helps the customer differentiate one type of product from the other, and encourages them to keep coming back for more. Now, more than ever, today’s culture of choice demands an authentic and developed brand strategy to connect with customers and make your product or service stand out.

To cultivate an effective brand, you must remain at the forefront of trends. This means looking to the future to determine what customers want to hear, see, and experience. While the future isn’t set, we can make reasonable predictions on where brands will be in the coming years, and today we’re going to touch on a few.

Luxury is out. Bigger and fancier and swankier aren’t the only end goal in promoting a brand. Today, consumers value consciousness in their purchasing, rather than mere acquisition just to show economic prowess. Luxury often comes at a price and consumers are now demanding more from their brands than labels defined as high-end products.

Convenience Is Still In. We live in a mobile society that moves quickly. Our calendars are filled with professional and social engagements; the brands that deliver convenience are heralded as time savers. If your brand makes the customer’s life easier, you will continue to thrive in the future.

Everyone Wants to Play. From Uber to Kickstarter, branding has become a tool for all your customers to get involved. Their feedback and direct participation improves your business operations and fuels a brand tailored to your audience. And, once engaged, customers are more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

Are you focusing on these three areas in your brand strategy? Red Mallard wants to work with you to create a compelling brand story that will engage customers and keep them involved in your business. Contact us today.

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