Before we talk about your brand story, let’s take a step back and look at your brand. Your brand is how your company is seen and experienced, from the colors of your logo to the feeling people have when they see that logo or encounter your team. Your brand is the products you sell and the services you offer. The language in your brochure, the font on your business cards, even the quote in your email signature—all part of your brand. 

Your brand story, though, is all that and more. It’s the cohesive narrative that weaves itself through the fabric of your company. 

If your brand is the what and how, your brand story is the who and why. You don’t just make renewable energy products; you make renewable energy products because they improve the efficiency of your customer’s operations and make the world a cleaner place. You don’t just sell pumps; you sell pumps because they power and drive much of the necessary daily functions most humans rely on. You don’t just provide financial planning. You provide financial planning because of the security and peace of mind it offers your customers. 

Your brand story is waiting to be told

Other companies might offer the same products and services as you, so how do you set yourself apart? Think beyond the impersonal functionality of a product or service. Look to the characters in your brand story, AKA you, your employees, and your customers. 

”As a brand, it’s important to define something your customer wants because as soon as we define something our customer wants, we posit a story question in the mind of the customer: Can this brand really help me get what I want?”

Donald Miller, Building a StoryBrand

Your brand story might include colorful characters, like the larger-than-life employee who went above and beyond for a client, or the loyal customer you’ve worked with for decades and who’s practically a member of the family. The brand story isn’t just what you’ve done, but also what you plan to do:

  • How will you continue to innovate and grow in the future? 
  • What new and exciting characters will you introduce, and how will they drive your story?
  • Why are we reaching for new heights as an organization? 

Authentic, personalized, and compelling brand stories draw people in. They activate emotions and transform potential customers into raving fans. Plus, those who already know and recognize your company will connect with your brand on an even deeper level than before. 

Ok, I know what a brand story is. Now what? 

As you continue to promote your company, try tweaking your approach to branding. Instead of, “I want to market my brand,” try, “I want to tell my brand story.” Of course, your brand story includes your products and your services, but it includes so much more. Woven into your brand story are those intriguing people and their stories; those problems solved and those lives changed. And get this: People will want to be a part of your unique brand story. 

Know who else loves stories? Your account managers/strategists at Red Mallard. Invite your Red Mallard account manager over for storytime and tell them the stories you know will elevate your brand. We’ll take care of the rest

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