The Proper Paper Priority: Print is Not Dead

In a world where 4G runs rampant, email inboxes are flooded with spam and social media soars in importance, it seems like print is dying. What happened to the days where we would wake up and grab the newspaper from the front porch to start the day? Newspapers have now been replaced with the dot-com era… but that doesn’t mean all paper is dead. When it comes to marketing tools, in fact, paper is probably the most pertinent part of your plan.

Why is that? Here are a few of the reasons you should incorporate printing materials into your overall marketing and branding scheme:

  • Delete Deletion: What does that mean? It means print is harder to get rid of. It’s more than just one click to the spam folder; it requires someone to pick it up, look at it, determine whether or not they want to read it and only then will they maybe throw it away. But once they see what great material you have, why would anyone throw it out? Print is a great way to get your name out there—and to keep it at the forefront of everyone’s mind.
  • Issue Impressions: Whether you’ve just given a long presentation or just had a short conversation with someone, you need something concrete and solid to hand over. Whether that’s a brochure, a business card or a flyer, printed items give your audience something tangible to take home with them to remember your name and business.
  • Connect to Computers: One of the finest points of print is that it can be a great way to connect your print world with the technological world. A good QR Code will send readers to your list of services, a website, or a survey. It’s also a great way to list your social media sites to get people to visit. Anything to get that customer interaction.

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