The foundation of content marketing is giving consumers valuable content that establishes relationships. Content marketing tells your story through empathy and connection—but too many businesses don’t utilize the power of video marketing to do so. In our experience, video content marketing is the perfect recipe to connect with your audience, and we can’t deny the importance of video in today’s digital age.

Here’s why video content marketing should be part of your marketing mix and why it’s designed to increase sales.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing comes in many forms, from live videos on LinkedIn feeds to recorded and edited videos for deployment on various channels. While there’s no right or wrong, a few simple strategies will ensure your video content reaches the most people, the right audience, and can be used over and over again. 

Live video content is the best fit for those who thrive off the cuff. Even compared to recorded, natively uploaded video, live video takes the cake regarding ROI. According to LinkedIn, live video gets 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than the former. Of course, LinkedIn is only one option. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are other options, but we recommend sticking to one platform after carefully analyzing where your ideal audience spends time. Regardless, 80% of consumers say that watching a live stream makes them more likely to make a purchase.

Recorded and edited video, on the other hand, is suitable for those who want to use a script. Even so, people’s immediate reaction is often that they have to be a professional video content creator and editor—this isn’t true (more on that later). A few simple pieces of equipment and a low-cost editing device is sufficient to create powerful video content. 

Ready for takeoff

One of the worst things you can do after creating video content is not leveraging it for your advantage regularly. In other words, don’t record it just to let it collect dust in your computer files. Sometimes, the hardest part is discovering where you can deploy your video (and getting organized enough to do so—if that feels overwhelming, we’re here to help).

  • Email marketing: We don’t recommend including only video in an email newsletter, but we do believe that a great way to connect with readers is offering a couple of engaging options (some text, some video). This “bonus content” can be quite delightful to readers, and according to AB Tasty, increases click-throughs by 300%.
  • Social media: Of course, you need quality leads before increasing sales. 86% of video marketers note video as an effective method for generating leads, while 81% say there is a clear, positive impact on sales. 
  • Website: Incorporating video on your website is incredible for accessibility, and even better for supercharging sales. The key to brand loyalty and customers who return to your business is fostering emotional, personal connections. Whereas most websites are text only, adding video to yours will differentiate you from the competition.

Video is a company culture’s best friend

Brands aren’t built overnight, nor is company culture. But they compliment each other well. Involving team members in video content creation is an incredible way to increase buy-in while giving ownership of your marketing. In return, consumers will view your video and see that employees believe in your mission, giving them a sense that they can as well.

Well defined company culture increases customer loyalty and results in booming sales. One way to get your team involved in your video content marketing is by getting creative input. Ask what they think a consumer-focused video would look like. This allows you to cultivate stronger teamwork without requiring them to show up on camera. But if they are comfortable behind the lens, let subject-matter experts help you create a product video tutorial or conduct a profile interview.

We know video marketing

Red Mallard is comfortable behind the camera. If you want to lock down more sales in 2022 but need help getting the camera rolling, contact us. We love making this process simple and repeatable.

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