Why Content Marketing Needs a Human Touch

This blog is not written by a robot—at least, not yet. Perhaps you’ve heard about the new “journalistic robots” that news wires like the Associated Press are now using to create simple financial stories using numerical data. With robots capable of producing written content, what effect will it have on human-created marketing? Well, not much. While robots might be able to generate stories about stocks, they can’t create content marketing as entertaining or engaging as a human can. Here’s why:

We’re ruled by emotion. And that’s not a bad thing. Robots might be able to take and disseminate the same information that humans can, but they can’t fill it with the same emotions. Robots don’t know how to make a reader laugh or how to get you to click on a link. That’s something only a human can do.

Robots can’t think critically. They may understand complex numerical data, but that doesn’t mean they can do anything with it. Robots can report the facts, but not explain what those figures actually mean in a larger context. Humans can do both. In fact, robots are allowing humans to do what they do best by taking on the boring stuff so that we humans are free to tackle the creative side.

No one wants to read dry text. A boring, purely factual piece on fantasy football statistics might be fine for a robot to write, but that’s because no one is expecting any excitement. When it comes to fresh and innovative content marketing, however, clients are expecting something that’s not as dry as what robot writers generate. That’s why you need a human behind your brand.

They can’t build relationships. The relationship between you and a client is a special one and no robot could mimic it or hope to replicate it. Building relationships and connections is an intrinsically human trait and one integral to content marketing. Robots can’t form human relationships (yet).

Red Mallard’s expertise lies in creating content marketing with a human touch, so call for a consultation today.

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