You’ve Got Mail: 4 Reasons Email Marketing is Still Important Once upon a time, the words “You’ve Got Mail” gave everyone a little thrill of excitement. Fast forward 20 years and a million spam emails later, the sound isn’t so exciting. It seems as if one in ten emails we receive today are spam or ads… Why would you want to contribute to that, right?

Wrong. There’s a good kind of email marketing and a bad kind. The bad kind is sending emails to addresses you paid for. The good kind is marketing yourself to those who want to hear about your service: the contacts that opt into your lists. With that in mind, here are a few reasons email marketing is still important today:

Clip the Coupons: Except with email, this doesn’t need to be literal. Recent data shows that email coupons are the most frequent coupons used by consumers. In fact, 65 percent of consumers use email coupons if shopping for groceries online. Another study showed 64 percent of people have printed out an email coupon to use in stores. E-coupons are massive right now and business is only expected to increase.

Pare the Price: Of your own marketing costs, that is. It doesn’t cost much to send a quick email that advertises your business. In fact, it’s not only cheaper but is more effective than radio and television.

Personalize the Product: With email marketing, you can pick and choose what content is distributed. You can test emails before they are sent en masse to determine which subject title or content is most effective. You can choose the optimal time to distribute and get a higher opening rate. And you can even cater the content specific to your audience.

Reinforce the Relationships: With email marketing, you can get personal. By creating these personalized emails, you are improving your relationship with every customer. Do this by sending your email blast from a real person versus a generic email. It makes the customer want to come in and use your service because they feel as though they are talking to a real person, not just a robot.

Email blasts are effective if used properly. If not, you might just end up in the spam folder, or worse—unsubscribed. Let Red Mallard take the lead. Contact us today and we can start setting up your successful email marketing campaign.

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