Interview or Investigation? 5 Tips for Content Consultation

When it comes to figuring out the essence of your business, you need someone to sit down and talk you through learning exactly what you stand for. Making sure your brand is well-established is so important, but there’s a right and a wrong way to conduct that interview. A poor interview can mean terrible content, and the content you produce can make or break a sale. Make sure your interview follows these easy tips.

  • Ready Research: Make sure the interviewer has done their research before sitting down with you. None of that “So, what do you do?” business. They should know your business—at least the basics—before sitting down with you to figure out your brand. After all, if they don’t know your business, how do they know they can help you?
  • Running Rambles: Feel free to ramble. It doesn’t have to make sense initially—it’s the job of the interviewer to do that later. Throw down your thoughts so someone has them on paper and they can be organized later. The more you talk, the better the picture the interviewer will have of your business.
  • Quotable Questions: The interviewer should have plenty of questions. Not just one question and then move onto another, but follow-up questions that elicit more responses. Not only that, but it shows they’ve been actually paying attention to what’s already been said. You want someone that will actually listen to you, right?
  • Concluded Conversation: You should have the last word. The interviewer should ask if there’s anything else that they should know about your business. This is your time to shine! Anything that didn’t fit into the conversation before, get it out now.

At Red Mallard, we know how to have a great conversation—not just an interview—with you to understand your background and your story. We also know how to utilize that story and turn it into content that’s in your voice, with your beliefs backing it. Give us a call for more information today.

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