Keep it Fresh… Fresh Content, That is.


So you’ve been posting. And posting and posting and posting, but no matter how frequently you post to social media, you aren’t getting any more traffic. At this point, you feel like traveling all the way up to Silicon Valley and chucking your computer at Facebook’s headquarters, just to make a statement.

Fact is, though you might not want to hear it, you aren’t getting more traffic for one reason and one reason alone: your content is not interesting. So instead of spending all that money to fly to Northern California, try these few simple tips when planning your social media content.

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In the Know with SEO

SEO Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization: It seems like the word is everywhere, especially when it comes to content marketing. But do you even know what it means, let alone how to use it to your advantage? Basic marketing SEO generally comes with the knowledge that a good SEO plan will give you increased traffic, conversions, and revenue, but there’s more. The SEO plan needs to revolve completely around a content marketing strategy.

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