Keep it Fresh… Fresh Content, That is.

So you’ve been posting. And posting and posting and posting, but no matter how frequently you post to social media, you aren’t getting any more traffic. At this point, you feel like traveling all the way up to Silicon Valley and chucking your computer at Facebook’s headquarters, just to make a statement.

Fact is, though you might not want to hear it, you aren’t getting more traffic for one reason and one reason alone: your content is not interesting. So instead of spending all that money to fly to Northern California, try these few simple tips when planning your social media content.

  1. Find the audience. Make sure the content is something that people can relate to. To know how people will react to the content, it is imperative that you understand exactly who the audience is. The audience will end up helping create you. Know them, love them, think like them.
  2. Find the distribution points. Now that the audience has been established, think further about where they will be looking. Is your audience young? Maybe focus your distribution on Twitter and Facebook. Gearing more towards professionals? Try LinkedIn. The content will become irrelevant if not displayed on the right media platform.
  3. Find the deadlines. More than that, be consistent. If you say you’re going to post once a day, post once a day. Try to post around the same time as well, so the audience knows when to expect something.
  4. Find the template. Knowing the audience and being consistent will quickly help discover what the audience does and does not like. Finding a consistent media type—picture, text, video—that works for the audience will quickly turn into generating a larger and larger audience.

Sound too difficult? Not to us. Let us take over your social media. At Red Mallard, we know how to handle it all. Give us a call for a consultation today.

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