Meritable Measuring: Tracking your Brand Success

You’ve put in the effort. Spent countless hours slaving over social media, burying yourself in blogs, examining emails… but now what? Aside from strategizing and implementing, there is a third—and arguably the most important—part to your branding. That final part is tracking. Tracking your marketing success is imperative in adjusting your plans so you can see even more success in the future.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ways to track your marketing success:

  • Talk, Talk, Talk: It’s the easiest way to measure progress as well as the most efficient. Who has been calling you? Have your leads increased? Once you have them on the phone (or you have an email) feel free to ask how they heard about you. If it’s through one of your ads or blogs, your efforts are paying off!
  • Monitor all Movement: Don’t just ask people how they got your name, keep track. Create an organized list of where your leads are coming from. Is it email? A postcard you sent out? Social Media? The more you know about why your clients are calling will tell you which of your marketing efforts are proving to be the most fruitful.
  • Record Results: For the things that automatically are tracked, like email open and click rates and social media interaction, keep those records saved. This way you can take all your most successful posts or emails and compare them to find what works for your audience. Is there a subject matter they prefer? A certain phrasing of a subject line that gets them to click more? With these results in front of you, it makes it much easier to see what works best.

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Tracking results is what you need to do to improve your marketing plan. Every brand has its own unique identity, and tracking your marketing efforts is what will help you find it. At Red Mallard, this is our specialty. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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