3 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads from Content Marketing

Real estate agent for sale sign

If you are a real estate agent who isn’t using content marketing to leverage leads for your business, keep reading!  This message is crucial for your business. So you created a website. Honestly, in today’s age, so what? A website is only as good as the strategy behind it.

Once your online presence is created, ask: How does the site drive traffic? Is there a call to action that generates leads? Are relationships with the customers being nurtured through consistent dialogue? To satisfy all three, your site needs some help from additional content marketing platforms.

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LinkedIn Ad Revenue Increase Due to Content Marketing


We use LinkedIn to network. That’s a given. But what about for advertising? LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the best places for content marketing for businesses. From just January to March of this year, LinkedIn saw a 38 percent increase in ad sales from the same period in 2014. And while this increase does not mean an overall increase for the year, it still shows signs of the strength of this platform for content marketing purposes.

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