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5 Ways Your Marketing Team Can Win 2017

“Winter is coming”…err…it’s here, and that means one thing for marketing departments:  It’s time to start planning for 2017. But, let’s be honest, you probably haven’t started because the CEO.

If you’ve ever tried to just wing it come January, you know that can get you into trouble. April will creep up quickly and you’ll realize very little has been done. So grab your PSL, get comfy and start planning.

What will we see in 2017 for marketing?

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CEOs: Is your marketing strategy ready for 2017? Better yet, do you have one?

Regardless of your involvement in creating your company’s marketing strategy, as CEO, your vision is the catalyst that shapes it. So whether you have conversion rates memorized or prefer to leave the details to your marketing team, the creation of your marketing strategy must start with you. If you’re not sure where to begin, walk through these important points as you prepare for that conversation with your team.

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Starting a New Business in 2017: How to Start the Branding Discussion

You had an idea. A brilliant one! And decided: I can do something with this. So you’ve started the hard but hopefully rewarding journey of creating your own business.

Or, maybe your current company’s brand is becoming stale. Your logo looks like its straight out of the 90’s and your website is still in flash. To look relevant, you know your brand needs a fresh start.

Whatever your situation, a branding package that communicates your message is important. Here’s why:

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3 Tips for Stellar Case Study Writing

Case study written

Ernest Hemingway once said, “Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.” A key component of strong writing has always been the writer’s ability to bring a story to life. It’s no different in business writing. One of the greatest ways to do this is through the tested practice of case studies.

The use of case studies isn’t a groundbreaking principle. From proposals to websites to brochures, they are being used by businesses everywhere. But are they effective? Or are readers bored of the formula: the client had a problem, we flew in like super heroes with an A+ solution, and plentiful benefits ensued. While this formula can be successful, we have three tips to help you generate a memorable case study, instead of one that gets lost in the crowd.

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Show, Don’t Tell: Why Visuals Spice Up Content

Laptop with digital camera and a coffee cup.Show, Don’t Tell: Why Visuals Spice Up Content

Does the number of unread emails in your inbox rapidly increase before your eyes? You wake up, make coffee, and poof, more emails! Get in the car, park at the office, and look, four more. Today we’re definitely not at a loss of information. Or words, for that matter. And if you feel that way, so do your customers or potential clients.

So how do you break through the noise with content that engages, and doesn’t bore? Content that is memorable, and not immediately forgotten with every other tweet or Facebook post?

The answer: use visual content. Pairing images with content gets your message noticed. Here are some tips to bring your content to life.

  • Tell a good story. We get lost for hours in movies and books because we are captivated by the stories. Brands tap into this same power.  To begin, tell the story of your brand identity, company history, and the people that are the backbone of your business. Testimonials are also a powerful way to incorporate storytelling and client experiences into your marketing efforts.
  • Connect with your audience. Each post sent through Facebook, LinkedIn, or email should include a photo. Help readers tie a visual concept to written content. And as an added bonus, visuals make content more shareable.
  • Highlight your call to action. Usually the goal of content is to drive the reader to a particular action. Don’t let this call to action fade away. Make it stand out with some visual help. Unique visuals and a strong call to action will increase the effectiveness of the message.
  • Get animated. Lastly, do not just stick to static visuals. Video content is increasing in popularity. It both engages and informs while offering a new avenue to bring your content to life. In a short amount of time, viewers receive your key message without having to read through lengthy written text.

Does your content seem a bit dry? Red Mallard is ready to help pique readers’ attention. Reach out to us today to create a visually appealing strategy for your content marketing.

Why Content Marketing Needs a Human Touch


This blog is not written by a robot—at least, not yet. Perhaps you’ve heard about the new “journalistic robots” that news wires like the Associated Press are now using to create simple financial stories using numerical data. With robots capable of producing written content, what effect will it have on human-created marketing? Well, not much. While robots might be able to generate stories about stocks, they can’t create content marketing as entertaining or engaging as a human can. Here’s why:

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Interview or Investigation? 5 Tips for Content Consultation


When it comes to figuring out the essence of your business, you need someone to sit down and talk you through learning exactly what you stand for. Making sure your brand is well-established is so important, but there’s a right and a wrong way to conduct that interview. A poor interview can mean terrible content, and the content you produce can make or break a sale. Make sure your interview follows these easy tips.

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Small Business, Large Market: The Importance of Content Marketing

Small business concept.

It seems like you hear about it everywhere nowadays: the words “Content Marketing” seem to be cruising through your mind daily, but what do they really mean? Content marketing can be anything from writing and maintaining your blog to posting on social media, to anything that will strategically market your business online.

However, studies are showing that small business owners are struggling to keep up with their content marketing for two main reasons: lack of time and lack of content. These are no excuses, though! Here are a few reasons that content marketing should be a main focus for your business.

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Are You Mobile Friendly?

Starting April 21, Google will now be sorting websites based on how mobile friendly they are. This means if your site is not compatible with mobile devices, it will be more difficult to find via Google.

They are using a new algorithm that prioritizes these sites because they feel it will boost “undeniably legitimate” sites and remove outdated sites. To check whether your site is compatible with mobile devices, visit the website here for a test. A pass means there is nothing to worry about, but if your website fails, some changes need to happen immediately.

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